Top 4 Ways to Find Rich Men

Why date broke men when you can find rich ones? There are tricks to the trade here, some will actually surprise you. Regardless of your methods, be true to who you are and prosper in all aspects of life. #UpgradeYourLife

  1. 4. Go to High End Gyms

    Let's face it, successful men enjoy taking care of their bodies. You won't see them at some $20/month gym. You'll see them at the pricer gyms and country clubs.

    Be smart and join one of them. There's a dual benefit here. You'll keep yourself in great shape. Meanwhile, you get to chat up with some guys in and around the gym. Remember, this is a long term play here. The quieter guys (which less face it, are the ones we are really after at the end of the day), will build up the comfort to talk to you if they see you there all the time.

  2. 3. Start Taking Up "Luxury Sports"

    When you look at all the sports out there, certain ones are played by men of a certain income level. We're not talking about the pros here, I'm talking about the every day guy. The successful ones will play sports like golf and tennis. If you start frequenting these clubs and start actively playing the sport, you will mingle with men at a certain level. Hence, increasing your chances of meeting rich men.

  3. 2. Volunteer at Charity Events

    Ponder this, big doners donate to charity events. Many of these men will go to these events to network and mingle. By being a volunteer at these events, you'll have access to these men in multiple ways. The no brainer way is to simply mingle with these guys by being at the event. The other way, little more devious, is having access to the list of donors. You'll have name / address / company. You can take that information and look them up on social media. It's a bit more work, but you can be well informed before going engaging with these men. I've found this to be the best method.

  4. 1. Go After Successful Men, Not Wealthy Ones.

    Guys that are wealthy look at relationships in a negative way compared to successful guys. For instance, a man that came from nothing and becomes successful will truly cherish you. A man that is wealthy, really wealthy, tends to be a workaholic and always around women. These men tend to stray a TON more than a successful guy. You will know the difference once you start engaging with these men. I wouldn't go to high end sugar daddy sites, but ones that cater to successful guys like